General Information

Columbia Convention Center

Virtual Studio

Live-stream or record presentations for virtual distribution

We provide the strategies you need, the hardware to implement them, and the resources to manage both.
SCAV can provide turnkey or selected services, with a range of capabilities that include:

  • An In-house studio - set up in our facility where a presenter can live-stream or record presentations for virtual distribution.
  • Creation or modifying your presentation graphics on site.
  • Producing your WebEx meeting remotely. And provide turnkey solutions to handle hosting, file sharing, polling, and Tech support for your remote viewers.
  • Scheduling your meetings and sending out invites to your attendees.
  • Our WebEx meetings are securely password protected and can be recorded for sharing or archive.
  • Using the latest equipment in the industry with a professional, seasoned staff to run your event. We have an excellent track record with plenty of references.
  • We provide you with a strategic combination of planning, vision, expertise, equipment and creativity - executed with efficiency and overseen with focused attention to every detail.