Aurora LED Video Wall

Create High-Impact Staging With an LED Video Wall

LED Video Walls are the industry standard for large-screen, high impact presentations, especially in challenging daylight environments. LED displays are perfect for conference events, broadcast presentations, tradeshow displays, entertainment, signage, and sporting events. The LED wall is a grid of 22 square-inch panels delivering 120 x 120 pixels per panel which can be easily arranged into many sizes, ratios, and multiple independent panels. This means the wall can be quickly set up to your specs and desired effect.

Our LED wall rentals can provide live video and graphics, play back DVDs, and run advertisements, and recorded messages. They can also display PowerPoint presentation logos, slides, text, animations, or any other content type needed. Couple this with our powerful Media Server and delivering your content is unlimited. Our programmers, on-sight technicians, and professional installation crew will ensure that your LED Video Wall displays your material exactly the way you want it.

LED Video Wall Features

  • 4.8 pixel pitch
  • 60 panels in stock with fly hardware
  • 120x120 pixels per panel
  • Convenient to install and disassemble
  • Our cabinets feature simple designs, making them easy-to-install and disassemble. The cabinets include interlocks, as well as external signal and power sockets.
  • With high refresh rates, our products can display flicker-free video images including live video feeds.
  • Stability - connectors for power cables ensure stability of the power supply and voltage.

LED Video Wall panel grids can be arranged in many ways—as one giant panel or multiple panels in the same size or in different sizes. The choices are endless!

Nothing will grab your audience’s attention more than the large, bright, colorful images from an LED Video Wall.

SCAV's video wall was awesome. The vivid live action video ruled the event.
Professional Meeting Planner,
Major Corporation