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March Meeting Madness

March 01, 2013

March Meeting Madness

This month begins our multi-state tour of meetings for SCAV. During March we will visit 7 different cities across the United States to support customer meetings within the agricultural industry.

SCAV will provide meeting support to include sound reinforcement, high definition video playback and PowerPoint support for these events.

We will be deploying our KArray sound systems along with our newest Mackie digital audio mixer controlled completely with an Ipad. Also we will be using our latest Shure digital ULX series wireless microphones. In addition to being digital, there are 4 wireless systems configured into one Rackspace. Our latest Barco digital high definition switcher will control all the video and computer images to the screens. All this is designed to reduce the footprint of the control systems and reduce the weight and shipping volume.

Among the cities we will be visiting are Minneapolis MN, Omaha NE, Syracuse NY, Napa Valley CA, Wichita KS, Huntington Beach CA, and Fargo ND.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will make you feel at ease with our complete turnkey solutions.

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